Deciding Between Natural Stone and the Best Porcelain Slab in Toronto for Your Toronto Home

Deciding Between Natural Stone and the Best Porcelain Slab in Toronto for Your Toronto Home

The best porcelain slab in Toronto and porcelain tiles have become a popular alternative for homeowners and businesses in the Toronto area. Porcelain offers a resistant, durable and easy-to-maintain surface that does not sacrifice in terms of its aesthetic appeal. Whether in your home or at your place of business, we expect our floors and countertops to look good and stay clean. Though synonymous with luxury, it can be difficult to maintain the unique beauty of a natural stone surface over time.  As these stones begin to age with their owners, they become prone to scratching and staining, showing visible wear-and-tear. Common household foods, beverages and cleaning solutions may be too acidic for these porous stones, leaving them vulnerable to etching in the case of even a minor spill. Porcelain makes for a reliable and functional surface for any home or place of business. Easily maintainable and less absorbent than stones such as marble and granite, porcelain is finding its way into more homes, restaurants and businesses across Canada.

No Polishing, Waxing or Sealing Required

If you’ve ever owned a natural stone countertop, you know that it needs to be resealed on a consistent basis, sometimes semi-annually. For those who choose porcelain instead, there will be no need to seal your countertop. Stones like marble can lose their sheen over time. While polishing and waxing can help enhance the beauty of your natural stone, eventually, natural wear-and-tear will cause it to lose some of its lustre. The best porcelain slab in Toronto requires no waxing or polishing to maintain its gloss. More resistant to scratches and stains, it will be easier to keep your porcelain countertops looking brand new.

Easily Maintainable

Porcelain countertops are very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a wide array of household cleaning products. Many products commonly found in the kitchen can cause etching on marble countertops, such as acidic foods, juices, alcohols and cleaning solutions. Spills will also need to be blotted immediately to avoid staining. Porcelain offers a much more resistant and worry-free alternative, which can be especially helpful if you have young children. Porcelain is very easy to clean and spills can even be wiped up with a damp cloth.  

Aesthetic Appeal

Not only does porcelain add to the utility of any kitchen, but it can add to the aesthetic appeal of the home as well. Porcelain is available in many different colours, shades, patterns and shapes. Homeowners also have the option of having integrated sinks, which can be made to match the countertop and floors of the surrounding home décor. Porcelain gives home designers the flexibility of matching colours and different elements of the kitchen, creating a cohesive, modern look.
Porcelain provides a reliable, easily maintainable and resistant surface alternative for your countertops and floors. Homeowners do not have to sacrifice the beauty of their home when choosing a more functional countertop for their home. There are instances in which the best porcelain slab in Toronto can even be installed over your existing countertop, helping to reduce your renovation costs. Porcelain comes in the form of slab or tile, which can be cut by a fabricator in the Toronto area to fit the exact specifications of your home.